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At American Court Surfacing, we provide complete court construction services for facilities in Southern California. 

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Tennis Court Repair

Tennis court repair—the first level of addressing tennis court problems—targets specific areas such as cracks. There are many different kinds of cracks in concrete, as well as asphalt courts. We will examine your court and tell you what type of cracking you have and what is causing it. Based on this examination, we can determine the appropriate method for repairing cracks. Your choice of repair method should be predicated on the type and extent of cracking your tennis court or basketball court has (any underlying problems), budget, and other factors.

Tennis court and basketball court repair and resurfacing typically restore and refresh tennis courts and basketball courts to like-new condition. The process can vary depending on the condition of the court from simple crack repairs to complete surface removal and new surface installation. In some cases, cracking in a court is a symptom of another problem under the court itself, and repairing certain types of cracking may be ineffective. It is important to be aware that court resurfacing, while a good option, may be only a temporary fix depending upon the problems that are present on the surface. Keep in mind- concrete cracking is a common occurrence and may be unavoidable.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis court resurfacing replaces the entire tennis court surface, but without significant reconstruction of the base of the court. It makes the court look new again without rebuilding it from the ground up.

Tennis court and basketball court resurfacing includes cleaning of an existing surface; filling and repairing of minor cracks to slow water penetration to the subsurface; leveling minor low spots where water stands; and reapplication of color materials. This is typically a good time to replace aging tennis equipment and posts as well as repairing any issues with the surrounding fencing.

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